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AMS Photo Studio is compact and fast photo editor supporting work with layers, transparency, scaling, imposing of picture frames, special effects, etc. AMS Photo Studio supports the unlimited number of layers scaled in real time (with interpolation of two kinds), use of the magnifier and layers with the complex form. The program has user-friendly interface which allows to use it even by beginners. So, the management of layers is possible not only from the main menu, but also from the popup menu. For the majority of commands there are hot keys.

The special function of AMS Photo Studio is adding picture frames. The distribution kit includes eight rectangular photo frames and six various forms with any filling. The frame is applied on a separate layer. After adding the picture frame you can edit it like any layer— move it, change its opacity, color, etc.

AMS Photo Studio has a native .APS format that supports layers, alpha channels, and other features you use to create images.

Screenshot of Media Show XP
AMS Photo Studio: Adding Picture Frames

Main features:
  • Fast working with images - scaling, opacity modification, editing, adding effects, etc. AMS Photo Factory supports APS, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, ICO.
  • Creating new image with filling preferences - solid color, gradient (2 styles), texture.
  • Cropping, smart resizing photos, changing the color balance, adjusting brightness and contrast.
  • Adding the text (RTF is supported).
  • Changing sharpness and blur. There are 8 kinds of special effects.
  • Color effects: invert, grayscale, colorising.
  • There are five kinds of layers - simple raster layer, picture frame, background (special layer), layer with complex form, magnifier. AMS Photo Studio supports unlimited number of layers.
  • Adding picture frames to the image or separate layer.
  • Changing color balance, contrast, adding effects to any frame.
  • Duplicating, rotation, flipping, mirroring and changing opacity of the layers.
  • Full screen preview.
  • Original Print Dialog.


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